Tuesday, 15 September 2009

First signs of snow

It snowed last night, not on me, I got an amusing covering of rain. Higher up the mountain there was a thin covering of snow this has now melted away and what had been green yesterday is now a rich russet. The very highest mountain tops are still white, but then the snow on them never completely melted away. Whilst it did not snow on me It's definitely getting colder, it was 6.2 degrees C when I woke at 6.45 this morning. I suspect it was colder still when I woke at 4 am but I was not inclined to rummage around for the thermometer at that time. Not having a proper sleeping bag is becoming a bit of an issue. I'm warm enough at night as I wear lots of very warm layers, the problem is that wearing so many clothes is cutting the circulation off to my arms and I keep waking up with no feeling in them.

In celebration of the forthcoming winter here is a video that I have been studying closely


Keith said...

Hi again,
building an igloo just to survive is hard to the core! best of luck with that, and I hope it doesn't colapse as I am sure that would spoil the party!

On another note, you don't really have an obvious link to your justgiving page! They do a widget which you can add to your sidebar, which you would probably find useful to make it easy to sponsor you.

Keith said...

My bad, just seen the link, however still think the widget would help, as its a bit more blatant.
Money to follow
All the best

Hugh Sawyer said...

Thanks Keith. I'll have another crack at adding the widget,
last time I tried I crashed the internet.