Monday, 31 August 2009

New Technology,

This is the second night of my writing this blog from the woods via an Ipod. I bought it specifically to use to write the blog as a lap top is too cumbersome and has a short battery life. I found that i jist did not hace time or insperation to write during the day. With this I can write whilst here in the woods and the ipod will automatically email it next time. I have wifi access. It does seem a little incongorous to be sat here typing away on a little hand held touch screen device whilst getting back to nature. Things have come a long way from when I did this Oxford, then I only had a small radio for company, but I did have a job at Sotheby's that required me to sit in front of a computer all day with no work to do. There was plenty of time to write a blog then.
Hopefully this new technology will allow me to write much more regularly, at least until it gets so cold that I have to wear gloves and this can't type any more. Drat, I hadn't thought of that before. Well I'll worry about that when it gets cold.
Things should start to get interesting soon as the night time temperatures are falling, although it is quite mild tonight at 12.2 degrees C so I will not be needing all the extra layers I brought with me.
That's you up to date with the latest technical developments, will write about something interesting tomorrow night. Possibly the ongoing debate about possibly using an old snowboard as part of one of the walls; is this cheating? You never know by tomorrow night i may have thought of something interesting. Fingers crossed.


Ruby Red Dog said...

Then you'll be needing a pair of these.

Unknown said...

Ditch Monkey,
We're camping in the garden down in le chable until May/June 2010 - for different reasons and no where near as hard as what you're up to! It is definitely getting colder! You would be warmer in a snow hole once the snow eventually comes or is that against your rules?
Good luck!

Hugh Sawyer said...

What you doing that for? Dashed silly idea if you ask me. There are no rules against snow holes, only against tents, so may make one, if nothing else to see if I can. I'll be making walls out of snow for sure and might have a crack at making an igloo too. The biggest worry with such things is the risk of suffocating if snow clogs up the air holes.

Hugh Sawyer said...

They look great Ruby, will start dropping hints.