Friday, 14 January 2011

Monday Kick Off

Things have changed, as they often do, and so I'm moving into the snow this monday the 17th rather than having to wait until the 22nd. I have gathered up most of the equipment that I need, and am now just lacking snowshoes, something warm to lie on and things like that. I have been reunited with my trusty basher so there will be some form of roof in my life, I wasn't overly keen on being woken up by snow falling on my face.

This week I have been training hard for the upcoming challenge; I've been getting plenty of sleep and putting on as much weight as possible. So yes, my training regime has consisted of sitting on the sofa and eating cakes. All that comes to an end on Monday though so if you'll excuse me I must get back to my training. All this typing is using up valuable calories.

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