Tuesday, 7 July 2009


My sleeping position is something like this, only with more foxes

So the last few days have been very busy, I've hardly had a moment to myself so haven't had time to write. I have a couple of days off coming up so I'll have time to write a little and spend some decent time in the mountains rather than just sleeping there. I have developed a technique of sleeping with my knees jammed up against a tree trunk to stop me sliding down the hill. into the rocks, it has even become comfortable. When I have my time off I intend to build a floor / bed out of wood but in the meantime it's just a matter of making do.

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IJ55 said...

15 minutes work with a shovel would of sorted the level playing field out. :)

Any how, sleeping feet downwards is better than watching some one try to sleep with their head lower than their feet. Doh.

Get some flickr album going, and get us some panoramic shots - if you want some panoramas making, note them in Flickr and i'll stitch them up for you with proper software. :)

Good luck with the new 'home' - build a corker and you may just get house guests.