Sunday, 31 May 2009

What`s this Brass Monkey thing you`re whittering on about?

So for some reason that I`m not quite sure about I have found myself having just decided to go and live back out in the woods for a year without a tent, which is all very well but it does get a bit chilly up there in the winter. Not to worry though as right now it`s quite hot and sunny so being in the woods will bring a bit of relief from the stuffy atmosphere in my apartment.

Currently I am in the UK packing up all my outdoor kit ahead of flying to Geneva on Wednesday, from there I travel to Verbier and then even higher into the mountains to a spot I scouted out a couple of weeks ago. Basically I`ll be using the same kit as I had whilst living out in the woods in the UK, with perhaps a warmer sleeping bag and I`m definitely going to have a coat this time. I`m allowing myself to the same waterproof sheet, bungee cords, tent pegs and bivvy bag that I used before, well maybe not the same bivvy bag as the only perceivable function of the one I had was to get in the way and occasionally attempt to suffocate me. I shall, for fear of frost bite, allow myself to build a shelter although based on previous attempts I hold out little hope that it will provide much in the way of shelter, Ray Mears I aint.

Whilst living in the woods I shall be working as a private chef and also using as much local produce as possible, so I`ll be picking, foraging and purchasing produce in season and preserving, smoking, bottling and drying as much as I can in expectation of the winter ahead.

More soon

ODM aka Brass Monkey


Arrowmaker said...

Fantastic to have you back. I have kept bobbing back over the past two years to see what you were upto and hey presto you have set off on another adventure!!... Is Mrs ODM going with you?
Looking forward to my daily fix of your adventures. Best of luck

Hugh Sawyer said...


See I wrote that whilst deciding whether to go woodside or not, it never occured to me that anyone would read it. Well you have seen it now so best go ahead with it.

Mrs ODM will be kind of in attendance, it`s a bit tricky to organise such a thing and keep a relationship. More on this in a posting soon